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Camper vacation Europe 2022 - No reservations

Camper vacation Europe 2022 - No reservations

Still on-route , so work in progress First time 3 weeks with our camper, normally we had our caravan with reservation for one spot and stay on that place. Now traveling with our family of 2 adults, and our 3 kids. We travel in our 6,5 meter long Fiat Ducato 14, 2.5TDI from 1994.

3316 Kilometer
23 Dagen
25 Waypoints


Dag 1
Van Middachtenstraat 2, 3861 ND Nijkerk, Nederland

Wohnmobilhafen Goldene Meile
Simrockweg 9–13, 53424, Remagen, Duitsland

Dag 2
Camping Fischerhaus
Promenadenstraße 52, 8280, Kreuzlingen, Zwitserland

Dag 3
Camping Piona
Via Palazzo 1, 23823, Colico, Italië
Great place almost next to the water. Sanitary is dated, and the toilet is 1 normal and 1 Italian. Shower with coin, but during the day a cold one is refreshing with the heat. Real nice lake, real nice location. Great warm welcome from the owner, and real good espresso! Worth a visit, also it was really quit and during our stay we where then only Dutch people(which is rare!) also worth mentioning is the pizzaria near the campsite, best real Italian pizza, I will pin the location in my route.

Via Laghetto, 39, Colico Piano, Colico Lecco, Italië
Via Laghetto, 39, 23823 Colico Piano LC, Italië
Best pizza ever, close to the camp side. We payed 55 euro for 4 pizza’s and a pasta, wine and 2 bottles water. Only cash, open from 18.30 but remember Italians eat late so we where way to early. Also left overs can be taken home in a box. Great pizza, nice people but don’t understand a word English. As a real vacation should be.

Dag 4
Dag 5
Dag 6
Decathlon visit
Via Cassinone, Cassinone BG, Italië

Camping Cisano
Via peschiera 48, 37011, Cisano di Bardolino, Italië
Warm welcome in our own language. Very busy touristic camping (to crowded for us) and it was really hot! Had a nice swim in lake garda to cool down. Good sanitary but to crowded and hot for us. If you like campsites with everything , this would be the right place for you!

Dag 7
Camping Spiaggia
Viale Venezia 14, 38050, Calceranica al Lago, Italië
Great spot almost next to the water. New clean sanitary buildings. Across the street it’s a great place to swim, sup or surf! Great and warm welcome from the reception. Also great local wine in the small store. Daily fresh fruit from a local farmer that drives around during diner. For us this is a great climate and enough to do for our kids. Rate 9/10!

Dag 8
Dag 9
Camping full - reroute
Via Campagna, 14, 32030 Arsiè BL, Italië

Camping Alpenfreude
Wertschach 27, 9612, St. Georgen/Gailtal, Oostenrijk
Pitstop for the night, unfortunately place for one night. They had nice food in the restaurant. Really nice people, warm welcome. We had rain and thunder, but other then that, this would be a place to come back to.

Dag 10
Seecamping Müller
Oberdorf, 9762, Weissensee, Oostenrijk
Park your car, walk the camping, pick a spot and put your camper/caravan/tent on the spot and checking at the reception. Lovely camp site close to the water. Everything is contant cash = no card only! Sanitary is a bit dated but good enough. Warm water is free but you have to turn the cold water 100% and then it becomes warm(old system?) Every morning fresh bread until 10 no reservation(!) , no cards, chicken stand every x days, also no cards. Other then that, great place to stay a few nights 👌🏻

Dag 11
Dag 12
Camping Grabner
Seefeld 47, 4853, Steinbach am Attersee, Oostenrijk
Beautiful water, but campsite was full, I think this makes sense with this weather. So we had to go look for another place.

Weyregg am Attersee, Oostenrijk
Since it was hot, and we passed the beautifully blue Attersee, we really wanted to cool down and swim this nice water. we where late but by luck we found a small parking place that just fitted or camper and took a dive! From behind the camper window it looked like of you where looking TV! It’s fresh but worth a dive!

Camping Traunsee
Hauptstraße 14, 4813, Altmünster, Oostenrijk
Mentioned because we passed it looking for a place for the night and eat. We came at 17.15, and asked for a place for the night. According for the reception there was no place for us(our camper is only 6,5m!) I did see plenty of space , if this would be a open campsite this would fit 6 campers , so I think we where just not welcome. I would never go here. Rate 1/10

Dag 13
Dag 14
Camping Schatzlmühle
Viechtwang 1a, 4644, Scharnstein, Oostenrijk
Really nice place to stay. We had nice diner on arrival. Next to the campsite there is small river which is refreshing cold, but a must have for the bucket list. Unique experience. Also on some places you are allowed to make a campfire in a fire pit. We did not do this but sounds real cool if you bring marshmallows. We really enjoyed this peacefully and nice place with friendly personnel!