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WIRO Stellplatz Mittelmole

Am Bahnhof, 18119, Rostock, Germany


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Here discord is the order of the day. Gourmet temple in location and surroundings, snack bar in the equipment. The latter offers water, waste disposal, station toilet (without toilet paper and payment without having seen the bowl beforehand) and the 24-hour parking machine for the purpose of leaving at any time, NIX. However, the situation is bomb. In the first row you stand directly on the quay and can watch really great pots on your arrival and departure. And it's not just about the ferries. Even the Klopper of a well-known tour operator can be admired. A round on the Ferris wheel and the view from above is also an upgrade for the pitch. And then the "feeding mile" at the old stream invites you to stroll and feast. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the lighthouse, the fine, "wandering" sandy beach forced us to turn back. You are asked not to stay overnight. When we stood there, the first row was completely full, even overnight. This speaks for the operator. And the gourmet temple speaks in favor of the parking space, and the potential that the operator should discover and implement. I'll definitely stop by here again to see if you're reading along. And always remember, camper drivers say hello.


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WIRO Stellplatz Mittelmole

Am Bahnhof , 18119



Send2Car (Zenec)

Phone number: 0381 4567-2309

On the web: Go to website


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