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Farmunk Lakes

Solyom street and Baji street corner, 2837, Vértesszőlős, Hungary


Opening hours

Open all year

Ahoy dear Adventurer! Thank you for being interested in our Loved Nature Paradise! We want to make you happy, so please read the description, to be as satisfied with your choice as possible. We offer you a 17 hectare beautiful wild camping place on our privare property, around 2 lakes, surrounded by forests, fields, and animals. The place is part of the European Nature Reserve System, connected directly to Gerecse Nature Park. ADDRESS INFO: Vértesszőlős, Sólyom street, and Homoki dűlő corner, from that corner go on te mulberry road between the last house and the ditch, into the forest. Go about 200 meter to the and of the road. Don't believe the route suggested by your gps. The destination is correct but it can suggests a crazy route. The road has fast growing vegetation, so some plants, leafs can touch your car. MAX SIZE: 2.5 meter wide, and 9 meter long vehicles could come in quite easy, with an experienced driver. The biggest vehicle could come in was a 13m long truck. Please call if you are at the gate, or if you need any info: +36305318799 STAY: You are also welcome for a short stop on your way, or for a long term stay. You can give for the stay what you think, and you can get form our decisions food, like brad, fresh milk directly from the goat, organic sausages, salamis, orgsnic honey from our bees, jams, homemade refreshing drinks, syrups and other delicacy we will have when you arrive. We offer you top quality food in limited quantity, and our prices are also supporting prices, so the food is pricey, but what costs less is not always cheaper. ;-) Entering just for your own responsibility. About the place: It is a private place, a kind of an alternative redneck style ranch, continually under construction and development. (The place is not a official luxury camping, with a big stuff to keep and hold in the best representative conditions for you, we do our best next our other busyness) We always liked to camp in nomadic style in the wild nature, at the waterside in the forest, so we bought a piece of nature. We offer space for other nature lover for any activity that cooperates with nature. That opportunity creates an diverse community. Some people live here, others have projects and take part regular, making garden, having bees, animals, organizing happenings or campgrounds. Infrastrukture: To be happy do not expect any infrastructure. No grid electricity No water No bath Water and electricity is under construction. Programs: Swim, swing in the water Canoe Fishing Campfire, grill Feed and pet the animals, milk the goat, ride horce Eat from our delicious food Tour in gerecse Nature Park Walk around Tata lake city and old town, holliday area. As a child, I imagined I would live on a paradise island like Robinson Crusoe. I grew up - but my vision never changed. It only grew stronger. With time I learned to live in nature and, I discovered that we can have that paradise anywhere and everywhere. We are look forward to seeing you!✌


Info about the site
8 pitches total
40 pitches for tourists
1 marked pitches
Right on site
Right on site
3km away
Motorway exit
3km away
Bus/train station
1km away
Winter camping
Facilities at the pitch
Car allowed on the pitch
Pitches at least half shaded
Campfire allowed
Charcoal barbecue allowed
Info for motorhome stopovers
3 Pitches in front of the barrier
3 Overnight pitches in front of the barrier also for caravans
Fresh water
Food and gastronomy
Groceries available
Right on site
Cooking facilities
Children's playground
Children's entertainment
Petting zoo
allowed in high season
allowed in low season
Dog meadow
Right on site
Dog bathing
Right on site
Wellness and bathing
Bathing in natural waters
Right on site
Sport and leisure
Horse riding
Right on site
Bicycle rental
Right on site
Right on site
Boat hire
Right on site
Central campfire site
Rental accommodation
Dogs allowed
Suitable for
Winter camping

Location & contact

Farmunk Lakes

Solyom street and Baji street corner , 2837



Phone number: +36305318799

On the web: Go to website


Child friendly (up to 6 years)
Youth-friendly (from 16 to 18 years)
Senior citizen friendly
Sanitary facilities
Restaurant / snack bar
Value for money
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