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A camping holiday in Slovenia
A camping holiday in Slovenia

A camping holiday in Slovenia

Why is camping in Slovenia such a great idea? In which regions can you find the best campsites and resorts, and the sightseeing highlights?

Author: FREEONTOUR and Slovenian Tourist Board, Photos: Slovenian Tourist Board

Many people stop overnight on a motorhome pitch in Slovenia on their way through to Croatia. But it is worth staying a little longer in the greenest destination in the heart of Europe. Slovenia offers a rich green countryside, with forests, mountains and countless karst caves, lakes and traditions, making it an amazing alternative to a camping holiday by the sea. From camping to glamping, everything is catered for. 

Spend a night in unspoilt nature surrounded by curious birds hiding in the trees, and enjoy the thrill of knowing that during the night you could be woken by deer, foxes, owls or crickets. Let this camping holiday be your chance to explore the luscious forests, flowering meadows and gaze up at the impressive mountain peaks.

And afterwards, return to one of the beautiful rural campsites or, for a bit of luxury, try one of the glamping resorts. The number of campsites in Slovenia rose in response to demand, and there are a lot of reasonably priced overnighting opportunities in every region of Slovenia. The majority of the glamping resorts were awarded an innovation prize by the Slovenian Department of Tourism. 

The best regions in Slovenia with the best campsites and resorts? 

Caravanning in Slovenia

One of the best ways to explore remote villages, taste authentic dishes, and discover romantic corners is definitely with a caravan or motorhome. A pitch in the middle of the countryside, fresh tomatoes from the garden; that is the heart of Slovenia. There is a well-maintained caravanning network offering a whole host of possibilities, so caravanning enthusiasts can visit the prettiest corners of central Slovenia, enjoy the excellent local cuisine and explore fascinating attractions.

Special: Have an “historical” stay in the museum and activity centre of the Pivka Military History Park, set on a little hill in the middle of the karst landscape on the grounds of the former Italian barracks in Pivka.

Camping in Slovenia: 4 campsite recommendations with guaranteed water fun and relaxation

Koren Camp in the Soča valley offers you the best views, scents and natural comfort. The gently flowing emerald Soča makes an ideal unspoilt bathing area. Koren Camp is the first campsite in Slovenia to be awarded the Eco-Flower label, an EU certification for environmentally friendly accommodation.

Many Slovenian spas have turned their most scenic areas into campsites. The Slovenian health resort and spa with most awards, the Terme Olimia Spa, lures you into the green countryside of the Kozjansko region. Here, you can stay in the Natura Camp and let yourself be pampered in Orhidelia, one of the best spa resorts in Europe.

The campsite at the Terme Čatež Spa, the largest Slovenian pool complex at the heart of the green rolling hills of Posavje in southern Slovenia, is designed with the modern camper in mind. A pirate cove, a Red Indian village, a summer thermal spa Riviera and a multitude of thermal spa water pools attract guests of every age.

The campsite Sončni Gaj is in the middle of the meadows of Pomurje, near to the hot spring of Terme Banovci Spa. Here, you can bask in the sunshine, swim in a range of pools, relax in the saunas and enjoy numerous activities.

You will find more campsites in the FREEONTOUR recommendations at the end of this article.  

A different style of camping in Slovenia

Treat yourself to a dream holiday at Lake Bled, the land of forest fairies and natural powers. Visit the gorge, explore the surroundings using the mountain paths and hiking trails, and enjoy a day at the hot springs. This alpine lake with the little island offers you a really special camping experience: At “Bled Glamping”, the accommodation is in the form of wooden tents with glass rear walls, allowing you a superb view of the forest. And to add to the glamour, in the little courtyard there is a wood-heated private hot tub, and deck chairs and soft grass offer you yet another chance to relax.

The Sava Hotels & Resorts in the wine village in eastern Slovenia are waiting for you to pay them a visit. Close to Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia, you can stay in huge wooden wine casks in the middle of the vineyards and relax in the pools of the Terme Ptuj Spa, situated next to the wine village.

In central Slovenia, in the forests of the Bloke plateau, the cradle of the alpine skiing in Europe, you will find Idila Park. Here you can also spend the night in a glamorous wooden tent, right at the edge of the lake, the perfect setting for refreshing bathing in the summer. A popular daytrip form here is Lake Cerknica, Slovenia’s largest intermittent lake, which is only a couple of dozen kilometres away.

At the heart of White Carniola is the Kolpa Glamping Resort, a tent and cottage settlement on the banks of the river Kolpa. This area is a nature reserve and the river boast being the warmest river in Slovenia. Here you can pick some fruit from the trees while you listen to stories of White Carniola region.

Luxury glamping resorts

As a glamping complex, the Turizem Malerič Resort offers the comfort of a boutique hotel in innovatively designed cottages, surrounded by the green meadows of White Carniola. A natural swimming pool in the middle of the resort invites its visitors to bathe in the rejuvenating and refreshing water.

Charming Slovenia Glamping can be found at the entrance to the Logar Valley, one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. This Herbal Glamping Resort produces its own plants and offers fantastic local dishes. Here you will find peace again, in the extravagant organic architecture of this natural oasis.

The Raduha House is where your childhood dreams come true. Why not spend a night in a tree house, which will bring you even closer to the stars? Or relax there in the perfect comfort of a whirlpool on a wood terrace? One of the sleeping areas is Kozolec, a haystack that was previously used to dry hay. And the landscape is not the only attraction here: The cook, Martina Breznik, is one of the best chefs in all of Slovenia.

Garden Village Bled is another award-winning Glamping Resort in Slovenia. This eco-resort is only a stone’s throw from Lake Bled. Families can enjoy an amazing stay in a glamorous tent with its own garden. The highlights of the resort include a green restaurant, a sauna in the form of a huge bird’s nest, and a natural pool for swimming and relaxing on the wooden pier.

Additional information for your Holiday in Slovenia can be found on the website by clicking the link.

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