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Camping by the sea: tips for a camping holiday in Croatia
Camping by the sea: tips for a camping holiday in Croatia

Camping by the sea: tips for a camping holiday in Croatia

What makes camping holidays in Croatia so unique? Here is a brief overview of family holidays in Southern Europe.

Author: Croatian National Tourist Board, Header image: Pixabay

What could be nicer than enjoying your breakfast with the whole family under the clear blue sky right by the sea. Your children can romp, are in their familiar surroundings and do not have to get used to new meals and meal times. You will enjoy a great camping holiday in Croatia to the fullest.

What makes Croatia so special on the map of Europe?

Croatia is an attractive travel destination for campers. Reason enough to take a closer look at the mainland and the associated Croatian islands: in addition to the fantastic 5,835 km of coastline, Croatia can boast a holiday destination with an incredible 1,246 islands and smaller islets and eight national parks. An enviable number of protected areas, nature parks and reservations in Croatia are on the list of UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

1. Camping holiday in Croatia by the sea

Croatia can be reached in just a few hours driving time from Italy or Germany. In terms of traffic, the country has made great strides over the past decade by building a network of new motorway sections and is therefore a popular destination for motorhome travel. 

2. The climate in Croatia and the festivals

With the mild and very pleasant Mediterranean climate in Croatia and an extremely diverse landscape in the continental part, which ranges from magical green hills and mountains to rapids, lakes and nature parks, Croatia offers unique experiences. Croatia also has to offer numerous film, theater, music and dance festivals as well as exhibitions and various cultural events during the year. This is especially true in summer when the weather is perfect and international and local artists perform in historic buildings such as the arena in Pula, the peristyle in Split or within the walls of Dubrovnik.

At the many charming little folk festivals you should definitely enjoy the light and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, refined with a few drops of excellent olive oil and rounded off with a few glasses of indigenous wines. It all adds up to a long list of arguments in favor of a camping holiday in Croatia!

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3. General overview of campsites in Croatia

If you are looking for campsites by the sea for your motorhome tour when preparing your trip, Croatia is definitely a suitable travel destination. The campsites in Croatia differ in size and equipment: in the region of Istria you will find many big campsites that almost might be called a camping village, whereas in Dalmatia you will find more private Campsites that are placed in gardens and courtyards of private owners. According to the Camper Association of Croatia there are currently over 250 campsites and more than 300 other small privately owned campsites in Croatia.

The campsites make up 25% of the total accommodation capacity in Croatia. In addition, the owners of the most beautiful campsites in Croatia are proud of the wide range of diverse activities for all target groups: it doesn't matter whether it's families with children, best agers, or young and adventurous campers. And whether you travel with your own motorhome or decide to rent a caravan, bungalow or motorhome on the spot: the standards are very similar to the Central European ones.

4. Quality of offer and safety on campsites in Croatia

Because of the beautiful natural environment and their improving quality, the Croatian campsites are very popular and well known, especially among tourists from abroad. The general trend in recent years has been to adapt to the demands of camping holidaymakers This means there is an increasing number of mobile homes on the campsites, but also high quality pitches, bungalows and apartments. There are even some "Holiday Villages", such as Zaton in Nin or Bi-Village in Fažana. Particular attention is paid to the service in the restaurants, in the campsite shops and also to the safety of holiday guests. Almost all larger and almost all medium-sized campsites in Croatia have their own organized entertainment and animation program for children.

Croatian campsites truly are "outdoor hotels" that offer guests quality accommodation in a preserved and attractive environment. In addition to spacious pitches for their motorhome or caravan campers can enjoy high quality catering and shops, (children's) entertainment program, various sports and activities. Nowadays even wellness packages and large pool facilities or aqua parks are no longer uncommon on the campsites.

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