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The most beautiful bathing lakes in Kufsteinerland
The most beautiful bathing lakes in Kufsteinerland

The most beautiful bathing lakes in Kufsteinerland

Would you like to cool down? Here you will find four beautiful bathing lakes in Kufsteinerland in Austria including the perfect campsites for families nearby

Author: Freeontour, Header image: lolin

It doesn't always have to be the North Sea or the Baltic Sea - Austria also has a lot to offer for water fun and cooling down in summer temperatures. The Kufsteinerland region between the Brandenberger Alps in the north and Zahmem and Wildem Kaiser in the south, for example, offers the highest density of bathing lakes in all of Tyrol. And they all offer very good water quality - perfect for family holidays with a caravan or motorhome. The region's lakes are scattered like glittering pearls over the Kufsteinerland and its eight idyllic villages. Freeontour presents the four most beautiful bathing opportunities for little water enthusiasts:

Thiersee - the green source of energy

The Thiersee is surrounded by extensive meadows on the high plateau of the Thiersee valley. Small bays and spacious sunbathing areas make the lake a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. This goes especially for the Thiersee lido on the north shore which offers plenty of play areas for families and those who are keen on exercise. At the beach, visitors can simply enjoy the sunshine on their belly or rent a pedal boat, rowboat or a so called dolphin boat to explore the lake. There is a diving platform for water enthusiasts and a playground for the little ones. A beach volleyball court and facilities for tennis and mini golf complete the offer on the lake.

If you like it a bit more quiet, you can walk around the lake on an approximately one-hour walk along the wide bank path. Only the rustling of the reeds, the chirping of the birds and the whir of the insects underline the views over the 25 hectare lake. At the same time, the path provides a journey through time into the Austrian film history of the late 1940s and 1950s: various stations tell their stories of the movies that were made here at the time, as well as of the actors and directors of that time. There is also a herbal spiral on the north bank, in which, thanks to the favorable climate, numerous medicinal herbs can grow and be admired.

Data on Lake Thiersee:

Altitude: 616 m
Area: 0.25 km²
Depth: 12 m
Average water temperature: 22 ° C
Bathing season: May to September daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Hechtsee - right on the border with Bavaria

With its 28 hectares of water, the Hechtsee is the largest bathing lake in the Kufsteinerland and it is located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Kufstein and its historic fortress. And yet the lake nestles into the landscape in the forest at the foot of the Thierberg. The Seearena Hechtsee lido with its long bathing jetties, which are also barrier-free, provides plenty of space for sports and play fun. For example, there is a water slide and a diving platform, a boat rental, restaurant and café, a playground and the possibility of beach volleyball, table tennis and water volleyball.

After a dip in the refreshing water, you can take a walk around the 2.6 kilometer long walk, on which numerous benches and natural bays invite you to linger and enjoy. Good footwear is recommended if you want to take the worthwhile hike from the Hechtsee to the nearby Gießenbachklamm.

Data on Lake Hechtsee:

Altitude: 542 m
Area: 0.28 km²
Depth: 57 m
Average water temperature: 24 ° C
Bathing season: May to September daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Stimmersee - a gem in Langkampfen

Surrounded by dense forests on its north and south shores, open and airy to the west and east, with extensive sunbathing areas and a riverside path for strolling, the Stimmersee in Langkampfen at the foot of the Pendling is a real model lake. It attracts every age for extensive bathing fun. Families in particular appreciate the flat bank areas and the diverse range around the lake. According to statistics, the Stimmersee is even one of the two cleanest lakes in all of Austria. The average water temperature in summer is 21 degrees. Both the west bank and the east bank are framed by a lawn. Sanitary facilities, changing rooms and refreshment stops are available on both beaches. There is a beach volleyball court for sporting action and a nice playground for children. And in between, there is a leisurely, just one kilometer long walk around the lake.

Data about the Lake Stimmersee:

Altitude: 522 m
Area: 0.03 km²
Depth: 5.9 m
Average water temperature: 21 ° C
Bathing season: May to September daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Banana Lake - the biotope

A real idyll is the natural lake in Schwoich, which, thanks to its shape, is widely known as Banana Lake. In 1998, it was created as the first biotope bathing lake in Tyrol. Since then, the velvety-soft water of this special gem has been widely appreciated from everyone who likes a swim on hot summer days. Here you could even fill your water bottle, because the natural lake actually is of drinking water quality. This is ensured, among other things, by a 200 m² plant filter system that was created as part of the recreation work. Half of the lake is open for swimming, the other half is home and hiding place for countless species of animals that thrive on and in the water.

The bottom of the lake is made of gravel, so bathing shoes are a good idea to bring. In some places there are wooden jetties that make it easier to get into the water. In the immediate vicinity of the lake there is a large lawn with shady spots that invite you to relax. There is also a pebble beach next to the lawn. You will also find cafes and restaurants near the lake, as well as a parking lot.

Data on the Lake Bananensee:

Altitude: 583 m
Area: 0.02 km²
Depth: 2.5 m
Average water temperature: 22 ° C
Bathing season: May to September daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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