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Gut Altenoythe – Apfelweide

Vitusstraße 9, 26169, Friesoythe, Germany


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EXPERIENCE DIVERSITY at the Altenoythe Estate. This is our claim and our ongoing goal. A wide variety of cheeses ripen in our cheese dairy. On our fields we grow 7 different crops, in our orchards we have 8 different fruits of different varieties.We promote diversity under the field with our soil-conserving no-till cultivation system.In the field, we are always trying out new methods to work a little more sustainably within the framework of our “conventional” farming methods.Our customers and visitors are also diverse: whether it’s a kindergarten group that explores our forest once a week or a group of senior citizens who visit our cheese dairy or the garden; whether it’s a vacation guest or a fruit picker, a cheese connoisseur or a spirits connoisseur; whether it’s with a wheelchair or a tricycle – we are happy to welcome every visitor… (almost) at any time.IN THE GREENThe Altenoythe estate is surrounded by our meadows, fields and woods between the towns of Altenoythe and Friesoythe. In our garden rabbits and hedgehogs cavort, on the farm live a few goats, ponies and geese and the Jack Russell “Scotty”.In the forest you can go in search of tracks, in the orchards you can observe bees and in the meadows you can simply enjoy nature.


Info about the site
3 pitches total
3 pitches for tourists
Facilities at the pitch
Info for motorhome stopovers
Caravans allowed
Grey water disposal
Food and gastronomy
Groceries available
Right on site
Children's playground
Petting zoo
allowed in high season
allowed in low season
Sport and leisure
Horse riding
Right on site
Central campfire site
Suitable for
Families with kids under 6 years

Location & contact

Gut Altenoythe – Apfelweide

Vitusstraße 9, 26169



Phone number: 04491921225


Child friendly (up to 6 years)
Youth-friendly (from 16 to 18 years)
Senior citizen friendly
Sanitary facilities
Restaurant / snack bar
Value for money