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Outdoor vacation in the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark
Outdoor vacation in the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark

Outdoor vacation in the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark

Outdoor adventures in the Hohe Tauern nationalpark - experience the mountain world of the Eastern alps

Author: Hohe Tauern – die Nationalpark-Region in Kärnten Tourismus GmbH, Photos: NPHT und Österreich Werbung GmbH

The ideal region for outdoor holidays and also for all those who want to discover the passion for adventure in the mountains, forests and on the rivers of the Hohe Tauern. Because true experiences in nature must be experienced in an active way! Freeontour presents the most exciting highlights of the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark in the Austrian region Carinthia .

Because the region's greatest treasure is the nature and the diversity in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Here, holiday makers have the opportunity to discover the mountains and the power of nature in a gentle and sustainable way - for example with help of various weekly programs and attractive excursions as well as day tours. These are offered during the main season in summer and in winter. The offers range from wildlife experiences accompanied by national park rangers to canyoning, stargazing, ice climbing or educational glacier hikes.

Particularly attractive for campers: All transfers are carried out by the National Park hiking bus, so your motorhome can stay put at the campsite. 

The fascinating mountains in the Hohe Tauern National Park

In fact, the national park region Hohe Tauern in Carinthia is primarily known for its impressive mountains. More than 120 imposing three-thousand-meter peaks form the landscape into a dramatic backdrop and open up a breathtaking alpine mountain world to nature lovers and hikers on numerous mountain routes. As a landmark of the region, the Großglockner with its peak at 3,798 meters dominates the surrounding peaks in a majestic way. There are countless legends and myths about him in existance.

Highlight at the Großglockner: Trained athletes should consider to join the Pasterze glacier trekking: This offer leads you back to the ice age at the foot of the Großglockner whilst being secured on a rope. The bizarre ice world of the largest glacier in the Eastern Alps, the Pasterze with its giant crevasses, ice towers and glacier tables, is the destination of the glacier hike. Unfortunately, you can also get a very clear picture of the melting of the glaciers: 150 years ago, the Pasterze reached down til Heiligenblut, today you have to walk a bit longer until you reach the edge of the glacier tongue. Nevertheless, the Pasterze with its approximately 8 km length is still the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps and represents one of the most famous mountain panoramas of the Hohe Tauern.

Video: Experience the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern in Austria 

Learn more about the bio diversity and the vast mountain world of the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark in this video.  

Excursion destination Heiligenblut

Heiligenblut is the legendary pilgrimage, gold digger and alpinist village at the end of the Möllvalley at almost 1,300 m. Only the majestic Großglockner with its 3,798 m towers above it. The mountain village, where Austria's first mountain guide association was founded in 1870, is idyllically situated in the Hohe Tauern nationalpark, which with 1,800 km² is the largest protected area in the Alps. It is an infinitely large recreational and play area for the whole family, but also for hikers, mountain bikers, outdoor enthusiasts and experienced mountaineers. Starting with the ice of the Pasterzen Glacier and not yet ending with roaring torrents and deep gorges, holidaymakers encounter a fascinating mountain and water world at every turn. So it is no wonder that Heiligenblut is the valley station of several cable cars that make the way into this mountain world a little more comfortable.

Tip: Night hike in the Groppenstein Gorge

A night hike on secured footbridges through the mystical Groppenstein gorge is a captivating experience: in the dark of the night, the roaring of the gorge is perceived much more intensely and careful lighting highlights its special formations such as rocks and waterfalls. A great experience you forget.  


If you want to discover the national park in all its glory, follow the hiking stages of the long-distance hiking trail Alpe-Adria-Trail, which strechtes over a total of 750 km through the Hohe Tauern National Park along the Carinthian lakes down to the Mediterranean. It takes around 43 days to walk this trail in one go, crossing the three countries of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Since the trail mainly runs in non-alpine areas and as far as possible with only a slight difference in altitude, it is also suitable for leisurely hiking without luggage. Because each day's stage offers at least one attractive culinary excursion destination and ends in one place with appropriate overnight accommodation.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

There is a lot to discover on the Großglockner High Alpine Road, Austria's most famous panoramic road. Over a length of 48 km and with 36 hairpin bends, an increase in altitude up to 2,504 m is mastered. At the same time, visitors have the opportunity to experience a unique mountain world with blooming alpine meadows, fragrant mountain forests, mighty rocks and eternal ice on the way up to the foot of the Großglockner, the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. The panoramic road is also approved for caravan combinations and motorhomes. Day tickets for vehicles up to 3.5 t cost 37 euros, motorhomes between 3.5 t and 5 t pay 46 euros, vehicles over 5 t are charged with 115 euros.

Our tip: With the National Park Kärnten Card guest card, you can experience many highlights for free or at a reduced price, for example, the Bios National Park Center in Mallnitz, the gold mining village in Heiligenblut, a few panoramic roads and even the way up to the Raggaschlucht. On the Grossglockner High Alpine Road vehicles up to 3.5 t receive a 4 euro discount.

Campsites in the Hohe Tauern National Park

There are 16 comfortable campsites in three camping regions in the Hohe Tauern National Park, 100% in the middle of nature and in a dreamlike setting. No matter whether you want to camp in the upper Drau Valley, in the lower Möllvalley or in the Upper Möllvalley region. The campsites offer a good starting point for excursions, outdoor activities and experiences in the region. You can find more information in the Freeontour campsite guide and on the tourist information page of Carinthia .

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