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Motorhome holiday in Denmark - a brief overview
Motorhome holiday in Denmark - a brief overview

Motorhome holiday in Denmark - a brief overview

A general overview of a camping holiday in Denmark

Author: VisitDenmark Photos: VisitDenmark

FREEONTOUR has already presented a number of countries in Europe that are great for motorhome tours and caravan holidays. Now it’s Denmark’s turn, and there are a lot of excellent reasons for planning a camping holiday in Northern Europe.

Reasons for taking a motorhome holiday in Denmark

Denmark not only offers a large selection of easily accessible camping and motorhome pitches, but also a wide variety of leisure activities: These range from angling, golf and horse-riding, to diving, kayaking, canoeing and other water sports, to opportunities for wellness. The coastline stretching from the North Sea to the Baltic offers over 7,000 km of beaches for fun and relaxation, while the flowering heathland and rolling hills invite you to take a hike or embark on a bike tour. And you can very easily turn your camping holiday in Denmark into island adventure. Not forgetting the countless places of interest, museums, amusement parks and events, which make Denmark a place worth visiting.

Tips for journey destinations in Denmark

The most popular destinations in Denmark are generally on the coast or on one of the many beautiful islands. And once you are in Denmark you do not need to travel very far to reach the first beautiful beaches - even if you’re towing a caravan. The best travel destinations for a camping holiday in Denmark include: Blåvand in the south-west, North Jutland, the west coast of Denmark, Langeland and Funen, further over the Great Belt to Zealand, Lolland, the islands of Møn and Bornholm, and of course Copenhagen, the countries capital situated in Eastern Denmark. Watch the video below for inspiration:

Video: Camping in Denmark

Campsites and pitches in Denmark

There are up to 500 classified campsites in Denmark, with a variety of amenities and sufficient space for leisure activities. The majority of these can be found on the North Sea or Baltic Sea. Many of the sites score points by providing a range of activities such as minigolf, playing fields and pool facilities, and make good starting points for day trips to explore the surrounding area. Here you can set yourself up comfortably, and simply relax. Since 2017, there is no longer a single rule governing the use of camping cards in Denmark, e.g. Camping Card Europe. Each campsite decides whether such a card is necessary. Therefore, it is advisable to check in advance whether you will require a camping card for your selected site.  

And what’s more, for those with a motorhome, there is a huge number of pitches: Official motorhome pitches can be found almost every 20 km throughout Denmark, and at reasonable prices. This is ideal for those who enjoy touring with the motorhome from place to place to get a real impression of the country.  

Where is camping allowed in Denmark?

Camping is only allowed on campsites and designated pitches in Denmark. You are allowed to make a short stop with a caravan or motorhome on car parks or motorway service areas, etc., if you are in need of a break during a longer journey. Many campsites also offer “quick stop” overnight stays at discounted prices for motorhomes and camper vans. And during the summer, some towns also allow you to overnight on a car park for a small fee.

Tips for a Danish trip

Visit Denmark suggests a range of routes in Denmark with emphases on different topic areas and interests. For example, explore the route “Experience the Danish South Seas” and drive with your motorhome from Sonderburg via Fåborg Sogn all the way to Borre. From there you can move from island to island, discovering the unique places of interest, Denmark’s castles, excellent golf courses and historical inns. Or take a look at our FREEONTOUR route planner!

There are also tested route recommendations for families. The route “Denmark’s leisure and family attractions” has an amusement park theme, for example. This route includes, among other things, Legoland in Billund, zoos and the Kalvehave Maze Park. Add some exciting museums and you have the perfect camping holiday with children. You can find more tips and routes for your camping holiday and motorhome tours in Denmark at Camping routes Denmark.

Good to know: Practical information for arriving and travelling

You should consider the following when planning a camping holiday or motorhome tour in Denmark:

1. Camping Key Europe Denmark:

Since 2017, you no longer need a Camping Key Europe on Danish campsites. However, it is possible that individual campsites request the card during checking in. If this is the case, you can order the Camping Key Europe online in advance or buy it at the campsite.

2. Means of payment: The official currency is the Danish Krone. It is often possible to pay in cash with Euros, and credit cards are accepted in the majority of cases.

3. Holiday with pets: Animals should be vaccinated against rabies 21 days before travel in accordance with European rules.  

4. Ferry connections:  You can reach the many Danish islands either by bridge or often by one of the ferries run by the shipping company Scandlines.

5. Speed restrictions in Denmark: It is generally quieter on the roads in Denmark than in other countries. The maximum permissible speed when towing a caravan is 70 to 80 km/h on main roads, and 80 to 100 km/h on motorways. The maximum speed for motorhomes of up to 3.5 tons on main roads is 80 km/h and 110 km/h on motorways. Furthermore, daytime running lights are compulsory in Denmark. This means that your lights must be switched on when driving at any time of the day.


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