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Here you can find useful tips about caravanning and travelling.

Find the right vehicle

It is not that easy to find the perfect camping vehicle. Depending on the type of travel there are different options such as campers, motor homes, or camper vans.

We help you make a decision by comparing vehicles and offering lots of information, so you can find the right vehicle for your camping trip.

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All Around Your Vehicle

A camping vehicles maintenance can be quiet extensive since camping conditions are different in winter, than they are in the summer. Accessories aren't the only thing that need to be packed accordingly, but also different road safety precautions need to be considered. Check out our helpful guide and camping tips all around your motor home or camper.

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All Around Camping

News all around camping and helpful tips (such as camping in the wild, camping in winter, or tips and tricks for staying at a campsite or pitch over night) are of interest to camping newbies, as well as seasoned campers.

That way you can relax on your next camping trip.

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All About Travelling

Before every trip, there is always a few questions: What are the traffic rules, what needs to be considered when it comes to tolls...

Here is some insight on all traffic laws of the most popular countries, how easy island hopping really is, and how to travel with your pet.

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FREEONTOUR stands for travel inspiration and travel planning. We are always expanding and improving our functions, so that your travel preparations- and documentations are as convenient as possible. 

Explore what's new around FREEONTOUR and always stay informed.

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